Beaten in Waterfall (Variant of Mikael Lindstrom's "Harry")
Fly from Scandinavian and Irish collection
Юрий Шумаков.

Beaten in Waterfall

NOTES: This is an attempt to imitate small fish, which fall into hydro power plant turbines or from a waterfall. In my version, braided pearl Mylar tubing and wing built from Serebrjanka fur reflect to each other creating very lifelike image of fly. To prolong "silver part" of belly I painted the shank of the hook with a glimmering nail varnish. As on many of my patterns, I don’t use different kind of Crystal hair or Twinkle materials, because they tangle with the fine hair of the wing making it unpleasant. Holographic and coloured Angel hair, different kinds of flat flashabou and transparent ripple flash dyed in different colours over pearl work best for me.