SaltyGizmo (side)

SaltyGizmo (top)

SaltyGizmo (bottom)
Fly: Dennis Collier, Photographs: Hans Weilenmann

Hook: TMC 811S, size 4, 6
Thread: Yellow UTC 70
Eyes: Gold Dazzle-Eyes
Tail: Golden Tan Marabou blood
Body: Cream rabbit/Pearl UV Ice Dub/Pearl Ice Dub blend
Legs: Tan Tarantula Leg’s – medium (two each side)
Underwing: Pearl UV Ice Wing
Overwing: Tan Select Craft Hair/Medium brown Select Craft Hair
Barring: Sepia or Black waterproof for barring
Note: this pattern lends itself to a wide variety of color combinations, limited only by your imagination, available materials and intended species of pursuit.